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To the editor:

Former first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “People can take advantage of you only if you let them.” Bozo’s administration is clearly taking advantage because you are allowing it to. It’s way past time to fight back.

On Oct. 21, I saw a news clip showing Biden during a campaign speech declaring he had been the vice pres the past 37 years. On a recent CNN Q&A show, he made no sense of his answers to questions. Maybe it’s time he has his own website and calls it “Ramble on” That would make a good 24-hour comedy show.

Kamala Harris had to yell “surprise” to herself at a birthday party venue. Did any of you pay attention that she and her husband kissed with masks on? Dumb. Biden and press sec Psaki both are adamant he has been to the southern border recently. Fox News’ Peter Doocy scoured years of clips and found only one time in 2008 when he and Obama were running for the presidency. Therefore, they both lied, again. I guess she will have to circle back on that. What a “putz.”

Also on the 21st, Biden made another stupid comment about America should embrace a lower level of expectations of things yet to come under him. Really? On Oct. 27, he said this. “We (USA) have a greater threat from our ‘White Supremacy’ problems than we do from any future Al-Qaeda attacks.” Again, really? Instead of his “Build back better” plan, it should be “Make America insolvent,” meaning it’s best to ram through an agenda that weakens this great country, stokes inflation, vaporizes wealth and saddles our posterity with massive new debt that is NOT paid for and never will be if Joe and the jackass party get their way. Of course the “new math” is more accurate than “old school.”

Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen needs to revisit the dumb box of rocks the left seems to embrace more than they understand. As standard time returns to our clocks, I submit Joe will go beddy-bye-bye around 3:30 p.m. He will sleep until noon. When he arises, his first words may be “C’mon man, what year is it and am I still the vice president? He can’t be trusted to stir gravy at suppertime. Just remember folks, we have to embrace and love our freedoms more than we fear a germ or it will never end.

Russ Larsen


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