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To the editor:

We, as a society have learned, and continue to learn, a lot during this ongoing pandemic. Washing hands properly, social distancing, working and schooling remotely, tech tricks, exercising outside and more.

Life will never be the same.

In order for us to continue to live, we must think how we can sustainably live, not just survive.

I like the modifications that the golf courses have made to their greens to reduce the transmission of viruses by adding a piece of pipe to the holes. We are learning to not shake hands. We are talking to others from a further distance. There are automatic doors, sinks and toilets that reduce touching contamination. If we are sick or vulnerable, we stay away from others.

These are all sustainable modifications to our lifestyle that we may need to continue, not only as a way to reduce this pandemic, but also to reduce other types of communicable diseases that continue to affect us. New ways and methods to make and use personal protective equipment should be part of these life modifications.

We need to continue to work and interact, and unless we figure how to do this sustainably, we will dig ourselves into a pit of despair and debt so deep, that will be the cause of death.

It is great that we help each other. This is important. Together, we must expand the ways to live fully, without endangering our lives physically and economically.

Nelson Palmer


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