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To the editor:

In the last few months, I have listened to many Capitol police officers talk about their experiences the day of the insurrection on January 6th. These included being beaten and bruised, broken bones, lacerations, tased at the base of the skull resulting in brain injuries, being spit at, profanities hollered and much more. Many of these officers continue to live with ongoing conditions such as PTSD and physical injuries that will impact them the rest of their lives. These are the kinds of things that soldiers fighting in wars for this country overseas suffer, and they were fighting a war that day to try and save our Democracy! Many of these officers have been around for numerous demonstrations in our Capitol over the years and share that none of those events have ever been like this one. These individuals were protecting the lives of many congressmen and women who today are trying to downplay what happened on January 6th, 2021. They want to rewrite history, but the facts, the video footage and witnesses are there to tell the truth. Had those legislators experienced what their protectors have, would they continue to support the “Big Lie” of Donald Trump? Would they still have voted not to impeach him for instigating this? Would they continue to support an ex-president who calls the event a “love-fest” with the police? What spineless, thankless people they are. They are not leaders worthy of the positions they were elected to. In private, they tell these police officers they care, but in public, they show the opposite, all for political gain. They are not willing to work towards common ground between political parties in order to help move this country forward in a positive direction. They really don’t care about making life better for all of our citizens. They have lost their compass and they continue to support an ex-president with no morality. They are afraid to stand up to the bully that he is. It is time for the citizens and politicians of this country who voted for Donald Trump to move beyond him. He had his chance to lead. The people of this country have spoken through the election and he plain and simply lost. Give this new president a chance for goodness sake.

Elizabeth Dennison


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