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To fight the deep state, use alternative energy

To the editor:

The way I look at it, we Republicans have a four-year window for rebuilding a sound center of our party in order to re-become a party of practical problem-solving, freedom-loving patriots. Otherwise, we might succeed next time at installing a dictatorship.

Our values: We loathe socialism. We cherish freedom of religion. We abhor an overweening deep state. We resent liberals who tax us ever more and more in order to shower gifts upon everyone but us. We’re tired of getting promises while foreigners get our livelihoods. We don’t want our police defunded, but we’re sick of policing the world. We don’t want to save the planet. The planet can take care of itself; we care about our families.

Let’s take these values as our starting point. We loathe socialism and with good reason. We’ve seen its track record in the 20th century. We’ve seen the ratio of government spending to GDP grow since WWII to where it’s now where it was during WWII and still rising. Let us recognize that we Republicans own part of that growth. How much military do we need? We Republicans never have to give it a moment’s thought. More is our reply. Well, we can’t always have more. We have to learn the meaning of enough.

Another way to shrink the size of government is don’t make messes that require expensive clean up in the first place, like climate change for example. Capitalism isn’t the problem but the solution, provided there’s honest accounting of costs. Capitalism makes a mess when costs get swept under the rug. We Republicans used to be sticklers for honest accounting and we need to be again.

Another way to shrink the size of government is structure the rules of capitalism so as to be as self-regulating as possible. That which governs best governs least. Use a market-driven approach where possible instead of regulatory authority, a good example of which is the carbon fee-and-dividend approach to lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

If it’s the deep state one is concerned about, let’s stop consuming so much oil and coal. If ever there were some industries way deep in the doo doo of the deep state, it’s oil and coal. What if, instead of being slaves to those masters, we get some of our go juice from our roofs. Walla, we’ve shrunk the deep state and made ourselves freer of it. We don’t need a dictator to hand us our freedom as if he has any intention of doing so. Who has the energy has the power.

Charles Ashurst


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