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To the editor:

So what was the outcome of the first Town Hall Meeting, dealing with restructuring the taxes you’re going to pay in this state? A video explained the “need to collect more” by introducing a new Service Tax. Over two hundred people attended, which shocked the 12 member task-force, assembled to get feed-back from citizens. One task-force member admitted in closing that they had been soundly “beat up” — spanked.

Unfortunately The Herald Journal failed to relate that. No one was in favor of paying more taxes, except state employees and school teachers who wanted more of the pie when the taxes are presumably increased. Supposedly sales taxes are not keeping up with the new population growth, even though people are being crammed into high density housing, in smaller geographical areas, requiring less infrastructure, and fewer roads per capita. I guess since sales taxes aren’t keeping up, all these newbies must somehow be avoiding the sales taxes. What’s their secret?

State taxes are solely dedicated to Utah’s education system yet our teachers are among the lowest paid? Where’s the surplus being siphoned? Property taxes have gone up 75% to 100% and water rates have doubled this year. Even so our brilliant politicos still can’t figure how to manage with “so little” money. Why? Because they think their job description is that of professional purchasing agents. What they want, we pay for — up the kiester. Methinks politicians and bureaucrats are the problem.

For example — locally, Smithfield didn’t need a new city hall or police department. Even so local politicians and bureaucrats wanted it, so they got it, but taxpayers are paying the ongoing cost for their palatial offices. Logan politico’s want to spend $14 million on a new library, in spite of the fact that the internet is supplanting libraries and that the current library works fine in the face of a softening demand.

Today, wives as well as husbands are forced to work, throwing them into costly childcare and a higher tax bracket. Why, because as Will Feelrite (KVNU) says, inflation (entirely manufactured by the Federal Reserve) is for the most part 7% a year. That’s 70% stolen purchasing power over 10 years. In spite of this, the state still wants more money. And having been personally lectured by Lyle Hillyard, it sounds like they are really going to throw more taxes at you.

Since we can’t financially keep up with our politicians' arrogant penchant for spending, how about throwing out of office all politicians who vote themselves the right to dictate to you how they are going to spend more and more of your dollars. Keep an eye on their voting outcome at DefendingUtah.com

Barton Boothe