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To the editor:

Strong sentiments were expressed by those who attended Brigham City’s Town Hall meeting regarding the state’s newly planned Service Tax. People’s feeling should have been reported, and not ignored by the Herald who obviously interviewed only politicians. Here are some of their paraphrased and strongly but politely expressed feelings.

One person said, “I wish the politicians were as animated about wisely saving money as they are about spending our money.”

A Brigham City lady bravely said, “I don’t trust you politicians. Why aren’t our children being taught the value of the Constitution which guarantees our rights above that of a bloated federal government? Why are those safeguards being discarded instead of being taught? Why aren’t students being taught that we the people created the state and the states created the federal government, and as the creators we hold greater power than the federal government? Obviously you've been cooperating with the federal government by conveniently keeping us and our children in the dark.”

Another comment: “If you are doing your job, why aren’t you protecting us, instead of sucking up federal kickbacks and then allowing them to dictate how we live, eat and breath. Remember they aren’t giving the state anything that we and the state haven’t already given them. Then they use a pittance of those dollars to bribe the state into cooperating with their federal mandates. Stop sending our money to them, stop sucking up their pitiful bribes, and start teaching the Constitution in schools so our children can monitor and recognize when their rights are being trashed and trampled by you politicians and the Government.”

Another said, “Stick us with a service tax and Utah companies won’t be able to secure out-of-state contracts. You will put us out of business because we wont be competitive.”
Another company spokesman said the sheriff of Nottingham got paid to collect taxes. “Now as a service company we’re supposed to make our 1,300 employees become your personal tax collectors, and we nor they will get paid a dime for all that paperwork, nor for being your front-line henchmen."

Another questioned: “Sales taxes aren’t keeping up with the population growth? No, its the people who aren’t keeping up with the taxes. We're being taxed out of existence. How about reducing our taxes? Just slow down — we need to figure out how to do that instead of manufacturing more taxes.”

Though not reported, the feelings of the people were clear and unmistakable – no more taxes.

Paula Boothe