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To the editor:

Sally Wright, a columnist for the newspaper, said in her article on April 3, 2021 regarding transgender, “Who’s to say some babies aren’t born with mismatched bodies and spirits?” So, if I understand Sally right, she is saying that God, in his omnipotence, who knows all, can make a mistake and send a boy spirit into a girl’s body? And vice-versa. I don’t believe so.

I agree with Sally that sometimes bodies are born with physical defects through genetic fault. I believe that the spirits sent to these bodies have special challenges that they and those around them can, if they will, find God in their extremity. To carry them. To raise them to higher spiritual heights of understanding. We all, in this mortal life, generally go through a refiners fire in one form or another. Some with defective bodies and others through a myriad of other challenges — through no fault of their own. This mortal life is a HARD test — to give us a choice to seek God in our extremities and become refined in the process, or to become bitter, turning away from God.

I agree that we are to love all human beings, but I personally think the adults of our society are doing youth a big disfavor when they jump on the bandwagon with a sensitive troubled youth when that youth believes that the “grass will be greener” if they change their sexual identity — that they will then be “happy.” That all their problems will go away. On this bandwagon, irreversible changes are made. Tragic!

Not every man fits the John Wayne mold. Some men are more like the tailor in the movie, “Fiddler on the Roof.” And thank God for this! They are still MEN! Some women love to knit and crochet. Some men love to. Some women love to build houses, etc. However, they are still men and they are still women; all with unique personalities, and thank God for this!

Diana Larsen


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