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To the editor:

I am a resident of River Heights and I encourage my fellow residents to vote for Janet Humpherys Mathews and Nancy Huntly for City Council.

Janet grew up in River Heights and, after some years away, is back in the place she loves the most – River Heights. Janet and her family live in my neighborhood and they are always among the first to offer to help neighbors, friends, and the city, whenever the need arises. By running for City Council, Janet is offering to continue a family legacy of service to River Heights, following the example of her father Boyd, as a representative of the public. Janet has a vision for the future for her hometown and will provide thoughtful, well-informed, and faithful representation in guiding the city toward that future.

Nancy has served on the Council for most of the last year and that experience, plus her professional experience involving management of budgets for multi-disciplinary purposes, makes her a valuable resource for conducting the business of the city. Nancy is always well-prepared to discuss and decide the issues before the City Council, but is open to input from the public and other city officials. In her own words, she “will listen to you, try to represent all interests fairly, and look for solutions that are acceptable to all.” This is the kind of representation that we need.

Please consider voting for Janet and Nancy, but more importantly, please vote.

Cindy Johnson

River Heights

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