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To the editor:

You are invited ... to USU’s latest COVID Superspreader event! A call to USU’s athletic department revealed that up to 18,000 people are expected to attend Friday’s game at Romney Stadium. Masks are NOT required, social distancing will be impossible, but attendees will receive free hand sanitizers! What a joke. President Cockett, how can you, as a scientist, allow this to occur?

ICUs at Intermountain Health Care are over capacity. Our dedicated health care professionals are stressed beyond reason caring for the unvaccinated, including children, who are ending up in hospitals. But you, President Cockett, are happy to send over 9,000 potential virus transmitters back into our communities after the game ends. Will tickets sales cover the health-care costs that may ensue in the coming weeks? Come on, President Cockett, show this community what leadership really means.

Frank R. Ascione


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