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To the editor:

Responding to Mr. Rogers LTE (02-15-19), I agree with you on a lotto system. Our education system is always crying for more funds. UDOT is always crying for more also. Our infrastructures are in bad need of repair, etc.

A couple of years ago I wrote to many of our state legislators suggesting we join Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming in a lotto.

The responses were, quote, “It’s a moral issue and ‘the church’ won’t allow it.”

Mr. Hillyard said in his response that “those who can least afford to play would be hurt even more.”

Well, let’s analyze that dumb thought. Those very people still go out of state to play anyway. Those that don’t travel, put into pools for the same purpose. End results are the adjoining states are capitalizing on Utah dollars. We aren’t.

Now that the major breweries are not making any more 3.2 beer and going to a 4.8 standard, our lawmakers once again turn to “the church” for that approval. Yet, in order to protect tax exemptions, they claim no influence on political issues. Phooey. We all know that isn’t true.

Think about this. The state-owned liquor stores already have the 4.8 beer on shelves. They just don’t want the grocery outlets to share in that tax revenue. So, you take your money out of state to buy lotto tickets, why not buy the better beer at the same time? Only one thing wrong. If you get picked up for any reason, you’ll get caught for “bootlegging.”

Utah would be better off enacting “Prohibition’ once again. (There goes the Olympics and millions of dollars.)

Utah has no problem wooing big businesses by giving huge tax breaks only to want to raise taxes on the “poor schmuck” citizens again.

If this was a one of the “moral issues” that the sanctimonious lawmakers and the church quietly condone (same sex unions, weed, etc.), why did we citizens vote it down only to be over-ridden?

I would boldly suggest those same “do-gooders” secretly play the lotto system themselves.

Now to Mr. Goodwin’s 02-20-19 LTE about “The Gifter in Chief.” As a taxpayer for over 50-plus years, I have both won and lost on paying the IRS in spite of excellent CPAs. I have not seen a refund in over 20 years. Thanks to President Trump’s tax reforms, I’m able to get a refund this year. Mr. Goodwin, your rants don’t hold water in a paper sack.

Russ Larsen