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To the editor:

Dear Senator Lee and Congressmen Bishop, Stewart and Curtis,

My wife and I are extremely concerned over President Trump’s willful disregard for the safety of this country as demonstrated by his unsupported and false claims of election fraud and his failure to provide for the peaceful transfer of power. We are appalled by the failure of our elected Republican officials – senators and congressmen alike – who are supporting President Trump’s actions by remaining silent or by express statements of support. It is becoming increasingly apparent that his actions, along with the implied and express support of Republican senators, congressmen (women), and senior officials, are creating doubt in the validity of our election system and are endangering our democracy. If you and our other elected officials do not clearly and forcefully move now to reveal President Trump’s actions for what they are – blatant attempts to (in his words) “steal the election” – our republic will devolve into civil unrest. If we, as citizens of this great country, lose our trust in a true and fair election then we are lost as a nation.

The president’s unprecedented attempts to overturn the valid results of this election and the failure of GSA Administrator Emily Murphy to make the ascertainment declaration are both preventing the peaceful transition of power to the new administration and are endangering U.S. security. It is critical that President-elect Biden immediately begin receiving daily security and pandemic briefings and that GSA Administrator Murphy issues the ascertainment declaration. Failure to take these actions are irresponsible and unacceptable!

You are our elected officials and have sworn that you “will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Your oath is to the Constitution of the United States, not to the Republican Party nor to President Trump who, through his words and actions, is undermining the security of this nation.

I ask you to have the courage to confront the president and demand that he cease and desist from: 1) making outrageous and false claims over the validity of the election and 2) his attempts to sway electors to cast their votes counter to will of the people as evidenced by the results of the popular election. I further ask that you take all possible steps to ensure that President-elect Biden is immediately provided daily security and pandemic briefings and that GSA Administrator Emily Murphy issues the ascertainment declaration required before critical actions can be taken towards the peaceful transition of power.

In conclusion, Senator Romney has had the courage to fulfill his duties in accordance with the the oath of his office. I ask you to have the courage to do the same!

Karl Wernick

North Logan

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