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To the editor:

It is discouraging to see the number of vehicles idling for lengthy periods in violation of the Logan city ordinance. A big red diesel pickup sat idling in front of the liquor store 20 minutes before opening. A huge SUV idles in front of the grocery store as I enter; 10 minutes later the driver is still idling the polluting gas guzzler. Parents idle cars in front of schools as they wait to pick up children, subjecting vulnerable children to concentrated pollution. I guess it would be useless to ask these drivers (or any of the other many idlers) to sign the petition for a ballot measure to clean up Utah’s polluted air.

Vehicle idling:

1. Wastes fuel.

2. Damages engines because fuel is not burnt effectively, leaving residues.

3. Is the biggest contributor to air pollution.

4. Produces exhaust fumes that damage brain cells.

5. Wastes money.

If you care about clean air check out: https://www.cleanthedarnair.org/.

Jean M. Lown