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To the editor

I have an idea, let’s start a rumor that the connection between smoking tobacco and cancer is a hoax perpetrated on the world so many years ago to hurt the tobacco industry and rob the American people of their right to enjoy the pleasures of tobacco, thus limiting their God given freedom to do as they want to do, in this free country. Let’s start by inserting it into a Facebook news feed to the whole world to read. Imagine the number of people, who after finding out this great truth, would take up smoking tobacco, in order to exercise their right as an American. Even going so far as to light up in a restaurant, a theater, a public library,

anywhere their great big American heart’s desire. It’s a free country, remember.

Oh, you say, they can’t do that. What about the rights of those other free Americans who don’t want to deal with tobacco smoke in the public library etc. What about their rights? Yes, what about their rights? At this point in my story, may I ask, ”What about the rights of those wearing masks in our places of business today who are seeing others not wearing masks in the same space?”

What about their rights to be safe in public places not contaminated by non-mask wearing individuals during this pandemic?

As I understand our rights, my right to swing my arm around as I want to, ends at the end of your nose.

And again, businesses have the right to require those entering their doors to wear masks in accordance with the governor’s mandate.

You, anti-maskers have your right to not wear a mask, but you may not enter the said business which posts signs informing all entering that MASKS ARE REQUIRED TO ENTER!!

Then, using your logic, that you can swing your fist anywhere, anytime, as you wish, with no regard to the rights of others, then I am within my rights, defined by you, to slap that smug look off your face while you are standing there maskless.

Remember, it’s a free country, and I too can do what I want to do!!!

We just celebrated Veteran’s Day. I’m a retired Navy veteran.

I raised my hand to the square and swore to protect the Constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic. And yes, there are enemies of our Constitution here within our borders. And the number of those enemies of the constitution in this country is growing by leaps and bounds. My guess is that more than half of the population of this land is in that category. The evidence that this is true is what is happening now among this people.

William Everitt


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