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Editor’s note: There is no proof to the suggestion in the following letter that the coronavirus was intentionally unleashed on the world’s population.

To the editor:

The following is my opinion. If they can’t manipulate the constitution sufficiently, one world advocates introduce a virus to destroy the economy and unconditionally condition people to accept unconstitutional conditions. We now accept dictates by elected officials and run full tilt, like lemmings, wearing mandated masks, charging over a cliff. Unemployed, hungry, and fearful people can easily be misled and controlled.

What’s next? Mandated vaccines that include bio-sensors with a Luceferace patent number 060606 that interface with your cell phones, and your neighbors’ cell phone, that invade your privacy, expose your health, your sexual patterns, your current location, and have the power to introduce latent diseases, plus socialistic population control through sterilization, followed by mandates that dictate inoculation and will prevent you from getting a job if you fail to comply. Unfortunately, your current governor is colluding with this enemy. Call and redirect the newly elected governor to work for you, and not for a socialist network.

Do you like being controlled and dictated to? When is it going to stop? It’s not. The adversary never stops. So are we going to give in? We’re not powerless. We can resolve this. We, each, need to get some initiative and stop rolling over. Let’s make the time to look up our state representatives. Call and write them. State Reps have immediate access and influence with our Federal Representatives and Senators. If we don’t make ourselves known, they will continue to sit on their derrieres and get paid for doing nothing, except creating more restrictions and Constitutional violations, and continue to be party frauds like one of Utah’s US senators, and one of Utah’s US representatives. Look at the scorecard at Freedomfirstsociety.org and check out their voting records. You’ll be more than surprised.

Don’t put this off. Look online and find your state legislators and federal congressmen, now. Call each of them plus your local officials, in wholesale numbers, and demand they get behind and support the investigation of all election fraud, the return to required identification, and local human bipartisan ballot counting. No more electronic counting, no more mail-in ballots. Ask them to get back to you, and report their plans. If they neglect to get back and to safeguard votes, then don’t vote for impostors pretending to serve us.

Locate sources of unbiased, accurate reporting. Stop relying on televised media that jerk us around like puppets. Stop complaining. Be part of the solution not part of the problem. Begin protecting yourself. Please watch You Tube’s Brighteon’s video, revealing whistleblower Dr. Carrie Madej’s 9/13/20 witness of the hidden agenda behind vaccines, plus You Tube’s Black Conservative Patriots 11/29/20 report on the extent of voter fraud as exposed by the Epoch Times.

Barton Booth


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