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To the editor:

Politics and racism have no business mixing into the sports arena. I admit I’m not much of a sports fan, but this whole thing started with Colin Kaepernick refusing to stand for our national anthem and his disrespect for our flag and country. It has now escalated to the baseball all-star game. Because of pressure of the far left, the commissioner moved it from Georgia to Colorado because Georgia’s new tough “legal” voter ID laws. News flash! Colorado and Biden’s home state of Delaware have tougher voter laws.

Now we come to LaBron James. An Idaho police officer lost his job because of a teasing slap-stick chide to James on social media about a (recorded in real time) shooting of one female trying to stab another female to death. James is a rich big mouth egoist with no conscience. He has made it clear he is all for defunding police departments, yet has his own security detail. Double standards. Thousands have come to the officer’s defense and have donated over $1 million for his pending lawsuit. James doesn’t have as thick of skin as he portrays.

Then we have the fake news (CNN etc.) reporting one of the White House dogs (Major) has bitten people at least twice, blaming Pres. Trump for leaving a “bad aura.” The poor thing is now in “aura” therapy.

Now to a monetary history lesson. It took 43 presidents 240 years to rack up $9 trillion in debt. It took the Obama/Biden duo to add another $11 trillion in 8 years. A great part of that was spent overseas on conflicts we had no business being in. Pres. Trump used about $3.7 trillion to secure our borders and fighting the COVID problem the jackass party allowed to happen. Bozo Biden has been in office 135+ days and has already added another $7 trillion.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought balanced budget rules are in place. We cannot sustain this asinine behavior. Your banking system holds you accountable for what you do with their money. We, the people, are supposed to be the bankers of all aspects of gov’t agencies. We must say “enough, no more and balance, now by cutting pork and lining of pockets.”

It all boils down to the greedy powerful vs. poverty and suppression of the powerless. Your bank doesn’t give you free handouts, why should we? Yes, I’m talking about the lazy and the border jumpers to enhance a voter base. We give, they take, maybe line some pockets, then give away again what is left over. The left’s White (out) House stinks to depths below. We are the “roto-rooters” who need to put a fresh fragrance to a horrible stench in the 2022 elections to hopefully put integrity back in Congress.

Russ Larsen


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