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To the editor,

With concern for a Water Conservancy District:

We pay the city $146 per year for water. We pay $36 a year for waste water fee. We pay for irrigation water per share to water crops and pastures. We are taxed from the state for a State Water Board. They issue permits for wells. I have applied three times for a permit up the canyon. l have been told there is no water available. So we haul water to drink and water livestock.

The farmers in the county have had a Water Conservancy District for years. They have done an admirable job. They practice water conservancy. Now why is the county trying to take that away and have another government agency to control and regulate a district in our county? You will pay someone with a degree who knows nothing about farming or irrigation then raise taxes every year to pay someone $100,000 to sit and control water that is already controlled by state government. What I am telling you has already taken place in Carbon County, Utah.

In 2002 they formed a county conservancy district for water. Three years later in 2005 they built a building for the office of water conservancy district at a cost of $1,000,000. The taxes on water went up each year. Then they tried to take away some water rights that were used less than others. The people in Cedar City saw this as another government takeover to control their water. The taxes in Cedar City have gone up every year since the water conservancy district was formed. Once the agencies are formed you cannot get rid of them. The tax base continues to go up. The people in Cache County can carry so much government taxes. When you create one pig to feed it adds to the tax load. Look at Washington. There are over 100 agencies feeding on tax rolls. l think we should consider the old taxpayer for once. My taxes have more than doubled since I have moved to Wellsville in 2000.

LeRoy Parkinson


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