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To the editor:

I would like to address the slacking off of our peace officers in the valley; especially Cache County and Logan. What’s with all the vehicles driving around the valley with expired registrations? Every time I drive into Logan or around the valley; I see at least a half dozen vehicles driving with expired license plates. I mean, expired shouldn’t be on the road. This is not just a month or two. I’ve seen them up to four years expired. When I was in the Army MP’s, that’s the very first thing we were suppose to look at; see if the plates are current on their registration. For whatever reason, this is overlooked. Why? I guess it makes more sense pulling over trucks that look like they have too big of tires. Oh; but let’s not forget that they might need mudflaps too. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Start doing yourjob with the first and most noticeable part of driving around.

Jerry Jensen


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