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To the editor:

As the state government has just issued a new water restriction rule mandating that people can only water their lawns once a week, I’m seeing countless businesses, churches and apartment complexes that have not adjusted their automatic watering schedules AT ALL! Watering schedules for these types of properties have remained on the same schedule they were on prior to this severe drought! Those lawns are nice and green while the majority of the rest of the homeowners and residents in our community are complying with these restrictions for the preservation of our greatly needed and very limited water supply during this severe drought.

This is not fair or right, and I think it’s extremely selfish and inconsiderate of those property owners and I further believe there should be some authoritative agency or person, whatever; who would hold these selfish and non-compliant property owners or managers of these businesses, churches and apartment complexes accountable, perhaps issuing fines or other reasonable sanctions for their blatant non-compliance. The majority of state residents, I believe, are in compliance with these restrictions. Why is it that the local businesses, churches and apartment complexes seem to have immunity from complying with the restrictions that have been established to preserve the precious water reserves that is intended for EVERYONE, not just the rich and influential.

Kevin Thayer


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