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To the editor:

Once there was a town full of happy, healthy people. They enjoyed doing ordinary things like raising their families, going to work and school. They laughed and hugged. They enjoyed family reunions, weddings, sports. One day they heard a deadly disease was coming. “Dire! Catastrophic! End of the world!” The people braced themselves and “the disease” came. Some people got sick. Most of them didn’t get very sick. The people noticed that for every 200 people who were infected, 190 of them just got better – spontaneously, their immune system working normally, without any kind of treatment. 10 out of 200 were sick enough to go to the hospital, but even 9 of those 10 people also got better – again without a vaccine. 1 person out of 200 did not get better. That one person was almost always an older person who was already very sick.

“Unacceptable!” shouted the governor. “We must save the life of that one person even if it kills us … well, you anyway. We must implement “the mandates.” You must isolate yourselves, you must shut down your businesses and schools, you must cancel all gatherings and wear facemasks. “Experts” and “science” demand it!” he ordered.

The people meekly obeyed “the mandates”. “Experts”, “science”, the media and the Governor, can’t all be wrong – right? So, there were no more weddings, reunions, or holidays. No more normal church, or sporting events. Schools were closed, then opened, then closed... Businesses were closed. People wore masks everywhere – some even when alone. They wanted to be “good citizens” and save that one person out of 200 who was dying. Then, bad things began to happen. Many businesses never reopened. People lost their jobs, their livelihoods – millions of them — then, their homes. Family members fought with each other. Without normal human interaction and contact, people became sad and depressed. They couldn’t even see each other’s faces. There was no more joy or hugging or laughing. Foreclosures, bankruptcies, abuse, divorce, depression. People started to die. They killed each other. They killed themselves. People quit going to the doctor out of fear, so they died of untreated illnesses other than “the disease.” To be clear, “the mandates” caused these deaths, not “the disease.” The governor did not care about these people.

Still, 199 out of 200 people who got “the disease” got better without any vaccine. One person out of 200 did not. That person was almost always an older person who was already very sick.

A small boy asked, “Why don’t we just protect the old, sick people instead of hurting everyone else?”

There is a better way. Please read and share the Great Barrington Declaration at gbdeclaration.org

Robert Tanner


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