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To the editor:

Today I reflected upon a documentary I watched on the destruction of timber in our forests two weeks ago. I am appalled at the blind-sighted condition of our government leaders in this area of our lives.

People for many years heated their homes with wood. Today, this beneficial use of wood is strongly discouraged — even outlawed — so owners of wood-burning stoves are threatened with huge fines if wood is burned in their homes during “specified” periods of time, depending on weather condition issues. Yet fires are started in our forest ranges to burn dead timber. Many people spend thousands of hours burning trees and other dead brush to prevent devastating forest fires and endangering homes and lives.

When wood burning stoves have been used to constructively burn the dead forest trees, permits for gathering dry wood have been sold for quite a price! Yet trees are burned and people are paid to create these forest-serving fires!

Dead wood could heat every home in America — but we are almost forbidden to burn at given periods of the winter season. We pay quite a price to gather the dead wood in the forests for our own use.

The governmental control must be wearing blinders in this matter. We, all Americans, need to be buying wood-burning stoves and strongly encouraged to burn wood to keep our homes and us warm in the cold season.

Where is the intelligent actions and thinking in all of this?

Marilyn Creger


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