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To the editor:

No one knows how difficult it is to keep "Noon Music at the Tabernacle" successfully moving forward better than I do. Kudos to Gary Poore and his committee for their tenacity and many victories. No one is more pleased with their efforts than I am. The choices they make for musicians are excellent. The joy and enrichment they bring to our valley is unparralleled. I could not be more pleased with their winning endeavors.  

I sincerely apologize if I hurt anyone's feeling with a recently published article bearing my name. The words I wrote were mindless chatter with a friend. The printed words were not ready for publication. I hope forgiveness can be granted to this foolish old woman.    

I wish Gary Poore luck with his run for City Council. He would add great wisdom to our city if elected.  

Lucille Hansen


Editor’s note: The Herald Journal and Logan resident Lucille Hansen got each other’s signals crossed with the publication of a recent “My View” essay on the opinion page. The Herald Journal invited Hansen to write something for the new series. Her return email was not intended for publication. The newspaper apologizes to both Ms. Hansen and readers for the mistake.