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To the editor:

Republican county delegates,

Thank you for your continued service to our Cache County Republican Party! We have been through a lot, much more than a normal county delegate in the past, and this Saturday we have another great opportunity to select a new county Executive. It is always difficult to make a decision when there are several good candidates to choose from. Because of the quality of candidates running in this race I believe our decision will be one of good, better, and best.

Last April I asked you to vote for me because I believed I was the most qualified candidate with the strongest desire to serve and I knew I could take the County Recorder’s Office forward in the right direction. You delivered for me in a big way and I thank you for that! Today I am asking you again to join me in voting for the most qualified candidate with the strongest desire to serve who can take the executive office forward in the right direction!

I believe that David Zook will be the best candidate to move Cache County forward!

The most qualified candidate:

Long ago most professions recognized the importance of requiring a combination of education and experience. David Zook is the only candidate that has received an education in Public Administration. Add to that education years of experience and you have a professional level of qualifications that Cache County needs!

The strongest desire to do the job:

David Zook was ready to file his declaration of candidacy at 12:01 am on the first day of the filing period. He has spent many hours over the past couple of weeks individually reaching out to us, to hear us, and to explain how he plans to serve us. David’s desire to serve us as County Executive didn’t start a few weeks ago by happenstance but was a choice he made long ago. While waiting for the right time to run David has worked hard to gain experience with a desire to lead as the County Executive.

It only took me a few minutes of speaking to David to realize that he has the qualifications, desire, and vision to protect the community we love and move us forward in the right direction, providing that same community to our children and grandchildren.

If you need any more convincing that David Zook is the best candidate to move Cache County forward in the right direction visit his website at davidforcahecounty.com or better yet give him a call.

Devron Andersen


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