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To the editor:

As the President & CEO of the Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce, I have been privileged to work with David Zook over the past several years. I came to the Chamber in 2017, and at that time David was chairman of the Board of Directors for the Chamber. He was a terrific mentor and contributed to many successful events, programs, and the rebranding of the Chamber. As chairman of the board, David had a tremendous amount of knowledge of and support from the business community. His experience both at the Chamber as a leader and a public servant was invaluable to me personally and the Chamber as a whole. David served in the leadership of the Chamber Board on the Executive Committee as the vice chair in 2015, chair elect in 2016, chair in 2017 and the past chair in 2018, all as a volunteer.

While serving at the Chamber, David was a champion for economic development, working with Cache County Executive Craig Buttars to emphasize its importance and the role that the Chamber could play for Cache County. As a result of David’s enthusiasm and vision, the Chamber formed the Cache Valley Economic Development Alliance (CVEDA) under his guidance. David then served as the founding Chairman of CVEDA for an additional two years. Under his direction, CVEDA has been an active group, presently touting over 100 members, including leaders in business, government and education.

David led and presented Cache County’s plan for Economic Development to Governor Herbert in January of 2018. He successfully secured grants, along with funding from the Chamber, for the County to create a professional Cache County Economic Development Strategic Plan. He then presented that plan to the Cache County Council and convinced them to get on board with his vision for economic development for the county. As a result of his efforts, Cache County has recently hired a full-time director of economic development and is implementing the plan developed by CVEDA. David is the leader we need to support our economy and our businesses.

Jamie Andrus


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