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To the editor:

We can all probably agree that government is best when it is effective, efficient, responsive and sucks up as few of our tax dollars as is necessary to get the job done. I support David Nephi Zook for County Executive because: 1) he is an experienced public administration professional with a solid track record of getting the most bang for the buck out of local government; and 2) he intimately knows and understands our Cache County community.

Cache County has an annual budget of $70 million and hundreds of employees. It needs a County Executive who can take over from Craig Buttars and hit the ground running. David has a master’s degree in public administration and nearly a quarter century of government leadership experience, including the last 9 nine years as the full-time city manager of Nibley. In addition, he teaches public administration to graduate-level university students. David Zook is the experienced public administration professional Cache County needs to move county government forward without creating bloat and layers of bureaucracy.

David Zook has dedicated much of his spare time to improving our community. You want business leadership? David is a founding member and first chairman of the Cache Valley Economic Development Alliance, which promotes economic growth and the creation of good-paying jobs in Cache County. You want political leadership? David has served the Cache County Republican party for 6 years as a member of the County Central Committee, including as chairman, and has served 2 terms on the State Central Committee. How about local government volunteer service? David served 7 years on the Hyde Park Planning Commission. How about volunteer work for a local charity? David has served on the board of trustees of The Family Place for the past 8 years. And a service organization? David has been a member of the Logan Lions Club for 9 years and has served 2 terms as president. In addition, he has raised his children and served in his church in Cache County. David is one of us.

We are fortunate to have a person of David Zook’s deep experience and community involvement willing to step forward, firmly grasp the reins, and continue Craig Buttars’ legacy of successful leadership as Cache County Executive.

Marty Moore


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