Trek for Treasure

The annual Trek for Treasure will be a hunt for aliens, such as the one pictured above.

SEDRO-WOOLLEY — The 2018 edition of Trek for Treasure will send participants onto hiking trails in search of aliens lurking among the trees.

The seventh annual event, in which teams complete six hikes over 12 weeks, has a theme of “Are We Alone In The Pacific Northwest.”

“Three years ago we were searching for the lost loot of the Great Sedro-Woolley Bank Robbery, two years ago it was missing pirate booty and last year it was searching for Sasquatch. This year, we’re searching for extraterrestrial life,” said Mark Pearson, manager of United General District 304’s United Fitness Center.

Registration for this year’s trek, which begins in June, is underway at

Pearson expects the latest trek theme to keep the event exciting and fun.

“This year, it’s unraveling long-held conspiracy theories and finding proof of ET,” he said. “We are declassifying Project Blue Book. It’s going to be fun and participants are going to learn a lot about the history of extraterrestrials.”

Hikers will take to trails with the hope of locating and deciphering clues and riddles that lead to the possible discovery of not-of-this-world beings.

The Pacific Northwest has a rich history of alien sightings, beginning in 1947 when a pilot described seeing nine shiny objects over Mount Rainier.

“That same year a supposed crash of an unidentified flying object took place in Roswell, New Mexico,” Pearson said. “After that, the ‘are we alone’ craze started and people started searching for the truth.”

Teams of two or more will complete six hikes — a bonus hike will be up for grabs for the top two teams — of various distances and elevation gain, with each more difficult than the last.

At the end of each route, clues or riddles will be located — geocache style — for teams to find and decipher.

Participants must provide a selfie for proof of the hike’s completion along with the answer to the riddle. When Pearson receives the selfie and answer, he sends the team its next destination.

Pearson said the trek is not about winning or losing, but is about having fun and getting in better shape.

“That’s what great about Trek for Treasure,” he said. “It’s for all fitness levels. You get two weeks to complete each hike. Oftentimes, the riddles are the hardest part for teams to complete. But that gives everyone the opportunity to win.”

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