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The Three Bears endurance race was held in the mountains east of Preston on Sept. 11-12. The race consists of three lengths: a 50 K (Baby Bear), 50 miler (Mama Bear) and 100 miler (Papa Bear). Thirty-five runners registered for the race. At one point the Franklin County Search and Rescue was mobilized to find a missing runner, but were cleared from the call before they began looking as the runner had been located.

The 100-mile race started Sept. 11, at 6:30 a.m. at Deer Cliff Inn. It looped through the Danish Pass, returned back to Deer Cliff Inn, then looped back around the course to the Deer Cliff Inn finish line.

On Sep. 25-26, long-distance runners will participate in the Bear 100 Endurance Race. This race also covers 100 miles, beginning in Logan Canyon and winding through Utah mountains to Gibson Basin in Franklin County before turning to Beaver Creek then descending to the Fish Haven finish line. Registered to participate again this year is Dee Dee Ford of Preston. She participated for the first time last year.

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