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“Neither a man nor a crowd nor a nation can be trusted to act humanely or to think sanely under the influence of a great fear.” ~Bertrand Russell

Fear and ignorance are dangerous things when allowed to control a community, a nation, or humankind. Remember Chicken Little who was struck by a falling acorn? Her ignorance of the difference between an acorn and the sky drove her to initiate a hasty plan to save everyone. Her contagious enthusiasm attracted two more members of her community that were easily influenced and enlisted to spread the hysteria of a falling sky.

Chicken Little is back. Instead of broadcasting a falling sky that would not go far among a somewhat educated public, the ominous sound of pandemic works well. Hens and Ducky Luckys are signing up by the millions around the world, energetically spreading the grim news: Hurry, hoard while you can! Lock your doors! The pandemic is coming!

Would Chicken Little’s message have been effective if she had been struck by a rain drop? How about a hailstone? No, it had to be something unusual like an acorn. After all, it was indeed out of the ordinary, strange looking compared to rain or hail, and it certainly hurt! And no one can doubt Chicken Little’s motives because she acted in the best interest of her community. Right? After all, her stated mission was to inform lion [the king] of the dooms-day development. See Chicken Little on the news informing us all!

En route to Lion, Chicken Little, Hen, and Ducky Lucky met Foxley Loxey, the friend who volunteered to help the well-meaning trio by guiding them safely to Lion. There are many Foxey Loxeys offering to warn, protect, shelter, even feed us in our pursuit of security and happiness. Emergency measures have been implemented and funded by bankrupted government coffers to save everyone. Do you feel better now?

You know how the story ends. The three hysterical, well-intentioned companions willingly turned over their responsibility for guidance and well-being to Foxey Loxey. And why not? He had a plan. How many more have tested positive? See how far and wide coronavirus has spread! You must save yourself!

Chicken Little and friends never made it to lion. Hysteria and ignorance of the facts cut short their destiny in Foxey Loxey’s lair. Do you really know what is going on?

-Eric Allred


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