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To the Editor:

Like many of you, we have been dismayed and disappointed to see a handful of politically-oriented signs which use vulgar and offensive language cropping up in our community. We welcome and encourage everyone in our community to participate fully in the democratic process, whether at the local, state, or national level. Of course participating in a representative democracy often includes expressing support or displeasure for a particular candidate, party, or issue.

However, we express our hope and expectation that as we exchange ideas and share our positions, we will remain civil and respectful, even when expressing strongly-held viewpoints. Signs containing vulgar and offensive language do not measure up to the standards of acceptable political discourse in our family-oriented community. Learning to disagree without being disagreeable is a hallmark of maturity. Please help keep our civic dialogue civil, and our community a safe and welcoming place for all.


Mayor Dan Keller


Allyson Wadsworth

Todd Thomas

Brent Dodge

Terry Larson

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