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My husband and I had a very heartfelt experience in the Family History Center last Friday.  Wednesday evening, I received a call requesting an appointment with a gentleman, not sure of his age but probably late 20's or early thirties, from Whitney, who is fairly new in the area.   

During our almost two hour appointment, I discovered that he read this week's Preston Citizen and saw the small article about the Family History Center.  He has relatives in this area so his family tree was linked 7+ generations on some lines.  
His young, beautiful wife, Graciela Gonzales, born 1988 in Sao Paulo Brazil, died two years ago in a car accident in New York.  He has had such strong feelings that he needed to look at her FamilySearch tree. The only person in her family tree was her so he put in as much information about her living family that he could remember with an assignment to make some phone calls to relatives in Brazil as well as in the United States to collect information and pictures. While he was there, he found through Google search her picture and her obituary. We snipped the information which he uploaded to FamilySearch memories.   I also taught him to create a source for her death information and how to begin research in Uruguay and Brazil, from where her family ancestors originated.  He informed me the real country of Brasil is not spelled with a "z" but a "s." He also knows to use Google translate to try to help him read the Portuguese records.  It was an emotional time for him as well as for me, but he was so grateful that he listened to the spirit and has started her journey to link with her deceased ancestors.  
A million thanks for printing the family history information in the paper.
Gayle Porter
Preston, Idaho

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