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After almost 40 years of service, the Animal Medical Clinic will be upgraded to handle a changing demographic of patients.

Today, more and more of the clinic’s workload is with small animals, said Alan Atkinson, who bought the clinic from Clyde Williams five years ago.

“With three doctors, the building was just too small for all of us to work in the building. It became necessary to keep up with the business and promote growth in future,” said Dr. Atkinson.

He, Dr. Lincoln Mumford and Dr. Jeff Smart continue to operate a mixed animal practice, covering farm animals, as well, but the building has always been a bottleneck for the veterinarians in regards to the clinic’s small animal patients.

“The surgery room doubles as an exam room a lot of times. We will put three exam rooms, then the surgery room will be a surgery only room. We’ll have a separate treating room for superficial cuts, cleaning teeth, etc. All of that is now done in the exam room. Hopefully it will help with the flow of the clinic,” he said.

The new addition will add two exam rooms, a surgery area, a treatment area and extra rooms in the back. In front, where the lawn is, a grooming area will be built.

“We have a groomer here. She’s been in a trailer out behind the building. Her place will be a part of the building, instead of a temporary structure out back,” said Dr. Atkinson.

“If growth continues, there’s a good chance we would add another doctor down the road,” said Dr. Atkinson.

“Construction will likely be completed by next spring, he said, but hopefully by the time cold weather comes.”

“We ask the public and our clients to be patient. We’ll try to accommodate them as best as we can,” he said. Currently, the clinic is providing “curbside service,” meeting clients at their vehicle, then bringing their animals in for treatment. If owners do need to come in, they are expected to wear a mask.

“These measures to minimize spread of COVID-19 have also helped with this construction phase so the clinic will continue with curbside service through the construction phase,” said Dr. Atkinson.

“It’s exciting to see and do. We appreciate all the support and the clients we have. We’ll continue to try and serve them the best we can,” he said.

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