Lafe Jepsen 90th birthday

Lafe was born June 17, 1929 to Thomas Jepsen and Anna Christena Christensen in Mink Creek Idaho.  Lafe came from very humble beginnings he was raised on the family farm, was educated until the 8th grade and began his future with wife Rayma Long when he was 19. He later became a master mechanic working for McCune Motors until they closed their doors then owning his own business and shop. He is the father of six children, Beverly, Lynn, Wayne, Denis, Boyd and Alison and his family has grown to over 150 descendants.

The family will honor Lafe with a family gathering on Saturday June 15.  We just want to let our father, grandfather know that he has always taught us how important the Gospel of Jesus Christ is in his live, to work hard and take care of your family. We love you and wish you a Happy 90th Birthday.