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Over 60 old car entries spread across Franklin City's park Sat., July 17, as owners displayed their vehicles in the lazy afternoon for the Packer Family Party to which the public was invited.

John and Barbara Packer’s second annual event drew participants from as far away as Kansas, with Jeremy Thomas driving, making minute-man repairs with vice grips, and arriving on time with a little help from Jeremy Naef, the local motor master and director of the event.

Naef also arranged for a raffle, contributing over $900 to the Preston Education Foundation. A handful of vendors, like Tim Foster from Layton, offered food and products to the roving crowd. Foster uses the event and his restoration hobby to teach and restore children as well. Selling and testing homemade marshmallow shooters, four of his 16 adopted family members lounged under an old bus and approached would-be customers. Judges for the entrants were Tyson Camphouse and Dennis Carlson from Preston, as well as Foster and Naef.

Towards evening, a patriotic presentation included the National Anthem, sung by Taylee Porter, an inspiring talk by Lynn Womack on America’s history and destiny, and the reading of the names of 25 local veterans, honoring their service and sacrifices. Matt Crosgrove, Josh Denton, Hunter Smith, Chevy Nelson, and Ian Yeates presented the flag, and assisted with the proper ceremony to retire the nation’s colors.

Opening entertainment for the evening was chiefly patriotic with Tait, Taylee, Ty, and Traigen, children of Mike and Misty Porter, playing and singing on the stage. Then, Wood Live Music performed their distinctive style past sunset. Brad and Becky Wood, parents of Bryce and Austin, lead singers for the group, expressed pride at their performance. Becky did add that she did not force Bryce to practice guitar as he indicated. “He just picked it up and learned it on his own!” she said.

The fireworks display was enjoyed by the entire community – the audience in attendance, and the neighbors viewing from their homes around Franklin and beyond.

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