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Preston Golf and Country Club’s Open League played a Low Gross/Low Net tournament this past week. In the First Flight, Chad Christensen shot the winning score of 32. Ronnie Ward finished second with a 33 and Jackson Porter was third with a 35. In the net division, Vic Pearson finished first with a 33. Kyle Jordan was second with a 34, and there was a four-way tie for third between Bart Simmons, Bob Wright, Loyd Field, and Stan Cahoon with matching 37’s.

In the Second Flight gross division, Cody Griffeth was first with a 39. Syd Sadler was second with a 40, and Brent Ward and Mike Anderson tied for third with matching 41’s. In the net division, Rod Moss and Shane Spackman finished tied for first with matching 33’s. Third place was Mike Beckstead with a 34. In the Third Flight gross division, Barney Newton, Brent Knapp, and Pam Anderson tied for first with matching 44’s.

In the net division, Branden Jensen finished first with a 32. Brandon Bassett finished second with a 33, and Don Newbold and Kevin Bybee finished tied for third with matching 34’s. Skins were won by Justin Hemmert, Ronnie Ward, Shane Spackman, Syd Sadler, Shane Spackman, Pam Anderson, Barney Newton, and Barry Hawkes.

Preston Golf and Country Club’s Tuesday Mens League played a scramble tournament last week. Darin Hess and Dave Seamons shot the low net round with a 29.3. In the optional games, gross was won by Darin Hess/Dave Seamons with a 30. Mike Cunningham/Mike Cunningham Jr. were second with a 32 tied by Joe Greene/Jackson Porter. The net was won by Darin Hess/Dave Seamons with the same 29.3. Mike Anderson/Steve Bergquist were second with a 31.4. Joe Greene/Jackson Porter were third with a 32. Skins were won by Darin Hess/Dave Seamons and Joe Greene/Jackson Porter teams.

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