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At the Dec. 27 Franklin County Commissioner meeting the bills, minutes and agenda were approved, along with the county FY 2021 Indigent Defense Expenditure Report.

The Danny Watkins Class I subdivision in Whitney on East Oneida to create a building lot on the north side of the road was approved.

Zac Beutler Class I to divide the house from the dairy farm for a one-acre lot with shops was denied for failure to meet the standards. The proposed lot was just short of an acre. Commissioner Bowles abstained from voting due to conflict of interest.

An appeal to deny the North and South Clover subdivisions was presented by Aaron Bergman who discussed his concerns and the points he felt were not addressed by planning and zoning. Specifically concerning water, access points and the impact of being in a conservation district. The commissioners did not make a decision on the appeal as they needed time to research the points that were made.

Amy Baldwin read a letter requesting forgiveness of delinquent fees and interest on property. The request was denied. The county has has never forgiven the delinquent fees; however, it will adjust the actual taxes if the assessor’s office missed applying a homeowner’s exemption.

Commissioner Bowles stated “The oversight was not on our side. We don’t want to open that door.” Commissioner Swainston agreed that to forgive the debt would set a precedent for future requests so they cannot do it.

More tax charge adjustments were presented for parcels #RP01763.61, RP04979.00, RP04638.01 and RP03810.00 and the commissioners were warned that they would likely see many more due to the house bill.

Commissioner Bowles liked the idea of issuing a credit instead of cutting a check and a motion to allow the exemption for those listed through credit was approved.

Laura Sant and Bracken Henderson came before the commissioners to request the office hours be adjusted. Moving to 9 a.m. has been problematic. The commissioners agreed to change extension office hours to 8-5 until June at which time they would readdress it.

As per the agenda the commissioners then discussed the Comprehensive Plan and Development Code recommendation they received in the prior meeting. No decisions were made as the discussion was to clarify where the commissioners had concerns and why to determine if substantial changes would need to be made for agreement to be possible.

It was discussed when to set the Road Standards Hearing and Troy said Jan. 24 would be fine.

The Thatcher school has been sold, leaving nowhere to hold elections for that precinct. Some other options were discussed and will be checked into before making a final decision.

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