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At the Franklin County Commissioner meeting on Nov. 9, The Oneida Stake Academy Foundation requested storage space which was approved. OSAF chairman Saundra Hubbard requested a location to store a large amount of granite until it can be used in the restoration of the academy building. The granite was donated by State Stone in Murray.

Sheriff Fryar was up next wanting clarification on how to best utilize the funds provided through an agreement with the Forest Service for law enforcement in Forest Service areas. The funds will help pay for officers patrolling areas accessible by forest service roads and some vehicle wear and tear.

The Senior Citizen Center was next on the agenda with a request to add a vehicle to the county insurance citing growth in the meals on wheels program requiring more routes. The number of meals they serve has about doubled, averaging 2,317 a month for June through October. The Chairman of the Board, Bob Purser, also noted that the directors of the center are on the lookout for a new vehicle. The commissioners approved the request for insurance and decided to look into using available funds for COVID-19 related expenses to cover the new vehicle.

A request from Steve Fuller for $100 for more courthouse Christmas lights was approved as well as a $500 donation to the Elks Lodge Christmas baskets.

Stacy Rindlisbaker brought the Samera Health Insurance Administrative Contract and Pharmacy Benefit Management Agreement before the commissioners for approval. The agreement authorizes the transfer of information between the entities of Samara and Motive Health. The agreement was approved and the commissioners asked for a comparison of the costs between the previous program and the current program.

Treasurer Janet Kimpton passed onto the commissioners a request from patrons for a dropbox for payments which could also be used for ballots during elections. After some discussion of security measures and location, the request was approved, but a location is yet to be determined.

Troy Moser updated the commissioners on the progress of landfill improvements noting that there will be a meeting to discuss the Cascade Earth Sciences (CES) report. He also requested that waste roll-off fees be adjusted. To cover current expenses, the commissioners agreed to raise contracted containers from $150 to $200 and other rentals from $200 to $300 for 10 days.

Moser updated the commissioners on the raising of the road on Oneida. The surface has been stable allowing progress. The membrane is down, buffer sand is being added and they hope to have guardrails before the end of November.

His crew has also been keeping tabs on the work done by Direct Communications as they put in fiber optic cable and noting where depth adjustments have been necessary. They have also been overseeing the work on the building Direct Communications is preparing to erect according to the land lease agreement with the county.

The request for reimbursement for airport runway work was approved as was the 2020 State Homeland Security Program Agreement which is a yearly contract.

The motion to canvas election vote was approved and it was noted that 80-90% turnout has been recorded for the last two elections.

A retail alcoholic beverage license was approved for the Elks Lodge.

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