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The lovely thing about the American Constitution is that it is based on the premise that all residents have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

And that is it.

It is left up to us on how to make that life and pursue that happiness in a way that affords others to do the same. It leaves lots of room for people to live different ways, and the differences in those ways has lead to a richly, unique American culture in which people have raised the standard of living higher than any time or place in the world. But a new wave of thought demonstrates the erosion of those freedoms, and the right to have differences although publicly touted are actually being denounced. Although The Citizen has chosen to just print letters to the editor from local residents or from people referencing something specific to Franklin County, a recent letter to the editor, from a resident of Woods Cross, Utah, illustrates these differences in thought:

Dear Editor,

The Intermountain states have returned to their original wild west status in this country. Apparently wanting to disaffiliate from statehood and revert to territorial status, these loosely-organized populations are once again proving to be ungovernable.

Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Wyoming and Nevada provide a friendly home-base to a nest of anti-intellectual, anti-law, fox-hole libertarians, shored up in their weekday beliefs by a hard dose of Sunday “free agency” theology.

Forming up a substantial minority in the area, these folks are anti-union, anti-public school, anti-science, anti-federal lands, anti-environment, anti-ERA, anti-gay, anti-bankruptcy, anti-civil government, and anti-law enforcement. Antipathy for traditional American society here goes down to the level of abhorrence of safety inspections on cars, and standard speed limits on freeways.

The core states, extending north into Montana and the Dakotas, have now come out as anti-health and anti-human longevity. As long as the region’s overburdened hospital census does not threaten service to the non-Covid sickly, the overall policy of the territory is to allow its older citizens to die off without substantial public health intervention.

Would someone please start the interview process for a sheriff or two to civilize this place?


Kim Shinkoskey

Whether one agrees or not, it’s always good for one to know the thought process of those around them. As the saying goes:

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions...”

- Lao Tzu, 300 AD

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