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Jeff Elgan, Preston, changed his plea to guilty to an amended charge on Sept. 23.

Elgan was originally charged with aggravated battery on June 1, when he shot a .410 caliber pistol towards a vehicle driven by a woman trespassing on his land in Dayton. Pellets from the gun injured the driver and damaged the Jeep she was driving.

He is now awaiting his sentencing on Dec. 9, for one count of misdemeanor battery and a count of felony malicious injury to property.

Also to be sentenced that day are Jack D. Maertens, 49, who was charged in April for {span}video voyeurism-publish/disseminate or sell a sexual image or act of another without mutual consent, and Hollie Lindley, who was charged also in April, forlottery-counterfeit, previously paid, illegally obtained or altered ticket violation.

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