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Occasionally people ask about when to plant certain vegetables. This can be a loaded question with site variations and the fickle attitude of Mother Nature. To answer we must resort to averages, addressing the standard site on a ‘normal’ year. It is easiest to break the standard garden vegetables into basic hardiness groups. These groups are called by various names, but the concept is the same.

Hardy Vegetables

These produce better in cooler weather. Plant these as soon as you can prepare your garden in the spring. For our area early to mid-April is your target.

Seeded Transplanted

Peas Broccoli

Radish Cabbage

Onions Brussel sprouts


Semi-Hardy Vegetables

This group consists of those that like cooler weather but do not handle hard frosts. Mid to later April is typically the sweet spot for planting these.

Seeded Transplanted

Beets Cauliflower




Tender Vegetables

These cannot tolerate frost. Plant early to mid-May, or about the time apple trees are in full bloom

Seeded Transplanted

Cucumber Celery




Heat-Loving Vegetables

Not frost hardy and simply won’t thrive without warm soil. Mounded soil, plastic mulch and other techniques will help warm the soil. Typically, we need more growing season, so transplants are common. Plant mid to later-May.

Seeded Transplanted

Cantaloupe Pepper

Winter squash Pumpkin



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