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To the Editor,

I have been following the Idaho State legislature while they have been in session this year. There has been good legislation proposed, but so much that is good has not been able to get out of committee. I have seen and heard the frustration of those who are trying to do good.

We have bills coming out that will greatly increase our taxes and also fund projects that go against much of the core beliefs of most Idaho citizens, at least in this area.

Federal funds are pouring into Idaho with many strings attached. The only reason given by many of our state senators for keeping the state of emergency is to keep the federal funds, not that there is a threat to our safety, they only want the federal funds. Let me ask you, “Is that a reason to keep a state of emergency? Do we want the Federal Government running our state, or do we want the independence as a state, granted to us by the United States Constitution as well as our State Constitution?

As the federal government takes rights away from the state government, the state government takes rights away from the county and city governments. Then the county and city take our rights away as families and individuals. This is a process that has been going on for decades. This is not how we were set up as a country or people.

To keep our freedoms as individuals we must reverse this trend. We as citizens have the right and freedom to govern ourselves. Counties and cities are next in power. Receiving their authority from us (its citizens). They are to help us in those things that we have a right to do.

They do not have the power or authority to do things we do not have a right to do as individuals. The state power is granted them, from the cities and counties. (Once again, only things individuals have the right to do on their own.) The States then united to give on a limited basis, power to the federal government to help them with a limited amount of joint concerns.

Is this what is happening now? Are the people governing themselves or are we being controlled by those that have stolen power from us? If we as a people lose that opportunity to make our own choices and have the opportunity to make our own mistakes, we will never grow and learn. This is an important liberty and should not be taken away.

I do not think that the counties and cities need state funds. I do not think that our state needs federal funds. Our federal funds come from taxing the people - with the threat of force. If it was given freely, we would have control of the federal government by withholding our funds!

Instead - our money is taken from us and laws to control us are put in place…taking away our Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness! Power is with the consent of the governed, not the government itself.

Government is to secure our Life, Liberty and Property, is that what we have? I do not think so! There is not a day that goes by that I do not feel that the government at one level or another is doing just the opposite of what it was designed for. Is the Federal Government taking away from us our personal choices for our own life? I believe our liberties are being trampled on everywhere and in every direction and our property rights have been taken away bit by bit for decades!

A wise man once asked, “Consider your choices and where they might lead?” I think it is wise for individuals to consider this question in all aspects of life; at home, work, school, and on a government level.

Rebecca Pihlajisto


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