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The best part of a day on the tractor was often lunch break. After at least 4 to 5 hours of round and round, it was such a relief to idle that diesel engine down and climb out of the seat to stretch, walk around and open that metal lunch pail packed by Mom. It deserves mentioning that I did not get to decide when lunch time would occur. I was supervised by either my dad or our hired man Arnold Hansen. I had been trailing behind them on one of our two D4 Caterpillar crawlers. The pecking order did not give me the privilege of deciding when to stop; I kept going until they stopped.

Our common method was to park the tractor at an angle to provide some shade. Then sit down in the freshly plowed clay soil and lean back against the metal crawler tracks. You did not want to be near the front of the machine as the heat of the now cooling engine was uncomfortable.

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