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What a marvelous time of year for our county as we enter back into school. We are saddened by the lack of moisture that has severely troubled our farmers. Additionally concerning is the lack of unity which has resulted in the effort to navigate through the pandemic. Despite this, the West Side Pirate Ship will use any fierce wind that blows our way to sail forward in accomplishing our goals.

The education of our students is the highest priority in our district, all other matters are secondary. We are optimistically proceeding in our effort to educate students to the highest degree possible. All district employees are united in our great responsibilities. We appreciate the trust that has been given to us by the stakeholders of this community and look to continue on the path of unity in continuing the tradition of academic excellence.

Furthermore, we look forward to another stellar year with our sports teams and activities which prove to teach students life lessons, complimenting and enhancing the rigor found in our West Side classrooms.

We are so very thankful for the effort of district employees, support of patrons, and the blessings of Deity in what we have been fortunate to accomplish as well as great and challenging tasks that lie before us.

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