The 2019 specialty act for That Famous Preston Night Rodeo is Felix Santana and his Andalusian stallion, Romano.

Andalusian horses, known as the kings of dressage — a mastery of communication between horses and their riders, are also the famed war horses of Spanish royalty.

Romano is an exceptionally intelligent and willing seven-year-old Andalusian from a rare bloodline, said his trainer, Santana, who brought him from Mexico.

“He’s very unique. He’s not huge, but .... has a big heart,” said Santana, who manages the Young Living Lavender Farm’s Friesen show horses in Mona, Utah. He has been working with Romano for two years — a short time to master what most horses require many years more to learn.

Romano’s ability has been compared to that of the Lipizzaner horses of the Spanish School of Riding in Vienna, Austria.

Santana is a third generation dancing horse trainer. He learned from watching an uncle train horses used in shows and concerts in southern California. To describe the caliber of horse Romano is, he compared the Andalusian to driving a Cadillac.