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There is a God, a nation, and music that each of us should hold near and dear.

Last Friday, the Dancing with the Stars floor show opened with prayer and was joined by hundreds of “amens.” Those sublime words of struggle, triumph, and freedom of our national anthem were sung. Dance numbers dazzled the audience in front of stars and stripes while music celebrated the energetic history of our country. Heart-to-heart, every soul encircled the gathering in an aura of awareness and thankfulness.

Afterwards, hugs, hand shakes, and back slaps were shared as people smiled and warm conversation flowed inside a wondrous shell of stars and strips, rhythm and lyrics, all held in the hands of our creator.

If it’s been a while, I invite you to engage in uplifting conversation about America, watch a patriotic movie, or whistle a tune about us, U.S.

Eric B. Allred


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