Preston’s football team opened their season against Logan in the first game of the Rocky Mountain Kickoff at the Maverick Stadium located at USU last Thursday night. Last season’s team went 4-6 and qualified for the 4-A playoffs. Expectations and optimism were high for this season’s returning players, even against a school whose enrollment is more than double to Preston’s.

Preston’s offence couldn’t penetrate the Grizzlies' defense in the first quarter. Logan stopped almost every drive attempted by the Indians. In the second quarter, Preston senior quarterback, Ty Hyde connected with Cole Harris for a 62-yard score and later Scotty Dunn received a 5-yard touchdown pass. 

Logan showed they were well into their third game of their season with their defensive bullying through the Indians' line of scrimmage. They didn't give Ty Hyde much time to set up.
“As coaches, we need to shorten up the time he [Hyde] is in the pocket. We can expect things out of players or we can work to their strengths, said Eric Thorson, head coach to the Indians. “Getting rid of that ball is going to be an emphasis as we move through the season.”

“These are high school players, and they are good players, but that kind of challenge does test their mental strength. Even though we got in bit of a hole, I was proud they kept fighting. They are an experienced bunch. There was a few missed opportunities on our side. Obviously they are fighting their hearts out and just like anything else, games don’t go the way you expect. A couple of players that we thought we would have weren’t able to go because of injuries through the game. The way they stepped up and fought against the tone that was set. I’m really proud of them. They looked at it as an opportunity and they fought through it," said Coach Thorson about the tone of the first half of the game.

Preston trailed Logan, which had a 17 point lead going into the second half. Indian running back, Ander Iverson gained 103 yards on 21 carries. In the fourth quarter Logan fumbled a snap and Preston recovered the ball. The Indian’s final touch down was made by Tate Greene. The junior player ]completed a pass and ran the ball in while dragging a Grizzly who hung off the back of Greene’s jersey the last 10 yards. The game ended with Logan taking the win 44-21.

 “I appreciate Dee Jones, the coordinator of the event, and the experience for our young men,” said Eric Thorson. “We are part of Cache Valley, too, and are proud to be from Idaho and get to be a part of this. We want to step up and play these teams as often as possible.”

The players recognized the chance the game offered them to grow. “It’s all about playing and growing as a team and not the publicity,” they said.

A gallery of photos of the game can be found at the following link.