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Is administration above common sense respect?

To whom it may concern:

I attended a meeting at the West Side School this afternoon to get some information about a wastewater project that is being constructed behind the middle school in Dayton. At first, I thought I had been negligent in keeping up on what was happening at the school, that I had missed some notifications of plans and information that surely the other Dayton city residents were aware of and that I was just not in the loop for some reason.

I noticed several weeks ago that some large equipment was working on something in the field behind the school and next to the cemetery. When I asked around, no one seemed to know anything about it or even whose property it was being built on. I didn’t worry too much because I thought surely the City of Dayton knew what was going on and had given their approval for whatever was happening.

Then a couple of days ago, I received some phone calls from concerned neighbors in the area who said the school was building an open cesspool in the middle of our town. It was very surprising to me that I hadn’t read or heard about such a project before it was under construction.

I apparently naively assumed that something of that nature would be made public and that the neighbors to the school grounds would be notified of something that would impact their property and their neighborhood so negatively. Is the West Side School Board and Administration above such common sense respect for their patrons? The citizens of Dayton City have always supported the school and have been good neighbors.

At the meeting, it seemed to be that whatever the engineer and DEQ said was approved was all that mattered. The school board chairman and Mr. Barzee had no input or accountability for the way they had gone ahead without any City or citizen input of approval. Once trust is lost in our chosen representatives it is hard to regain. In my opinion, the West Side Board and Administration need to review the golden rule and see how they have impacted their closest neighbors!

Who knows, maybe brainstorming with your neighbors could have resulted in better options to choose from – especially location options!

Joyce P. Dansie

Dayton resident

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