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Tiffiny, Aspen, Valerie, Ty and in front is Tylee.

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Aspen Jensen, daughter of Ty and Tiffiny Jensen, signed to play soccer for Western Wyoming Community College in Rock Springs on April 19 in the Preston High School gymnasium. She received both academic and athletic scholarships to cover her studies in Business and Industry.

“This was the first school I looked into,” Jensen said. “Coach Brady Baldwin came and watched one of my games last fall and I went and visited the college a few weeks later. Everything about it just felt right and I knew this was where I wanted to go.”

Aspen is the first in her family to play sports at the college level and an oldest child. The experience and knowledge of PHS boys soccer coach Kira Mathews were invaluable to Jensen in both bettering her skills and gaining the attention of colleges.

“My mom had Kira Mathews spend some time working with me the summer between eighth grade and my freshman year,” said Jensen. “Then about a year later she became my boss at work at Subway. She was like the big sister that I never had. After games I would talk to her and tell her how things went. She would always give me tips and pointers on how to improve my game. At the beginning of my senior year, she asked if I wanted to play soccer in college and I told her yes. She said “Let me make a phone call for you.” She called the WWCC coach and told him she had someone for him to consider for his team for next year.”

That call led Coach Balwin to evaluate Jensen’s level of play and she proved to be just what he was looking for in a player.

Jensen has been playing soccer since she was five years old giving her a good understanding of the game as well as the skills to play it. Many start a sport or other talent at a young age but unlike many who drop out long before high school, she chose to continue playing.

“I have spent countless hours in the weight room and soccer field,” said Jensen. “And hours of conditioning myself to be able to run for longer. For more mental preparation I even did my senior project on mental management and sports psychology.”

Jensen enjoys all sports and was on the PHS track team as an underclassman.

“I threw shot and the discus my freshman and sophomore year,” she said. “Unfortunately as COVID hit I lost interest. I then turned all of my focus to soccer. I like going to play a game and the focus it takes to push myself to play to the best of my ability. I also enjoy being part of a team. They are a second family.”

At the beginning of her senior year Jensen broke her toe, forcing her to the sideline of the high school soccer games.

“I was put in a boot for two weeks and it killed me to not be able to play,” she said. “It was hard getting back into shape. But I’m glad I did because I got to be part of the team that won a state championship.”

What a great way to finish her senior season in soccer despite the challenges. Jensen opens the next chapter in her story on August first when she heads to WWCC.

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