Many people say that they can’t wait for us to get out of session, because they don’t want the legislature to negatively affect their lives. I couldn’t agree more. The proper role of government should be to protect rights only.

HB 380

Only two members of the House voted against this bill, Representative Julianne Young and I. I do not feel that we need to conform Idaho tax code with the IRS. This bill also accepts the definition of marriage as defined by the federal government. We do not need to conform to every standard of the federal government; we need to stand as a separate entity and as a sovereign state.

Common Core

Common Core was voted down by the House Education Committee. Thus, it can be thrown out in Idaho very soon. No offense to those who support Common Core. I feel we have teachers that care in our district and are interested in our students’ success. However, I feel Common Core has been tried and we do not have improved results. The data proves this fact for me and many others. I have received overwhelming responses from District 32 constituents to scrap Common Core versus those who are in support of it. We do need to work on new standards and make sure our students’ standards surpass the federal standards. We have bright children; we need to enable them to reach their full potential.

The senate can stop the removal of Common Core. You can tell these senators how you feel by email at Sedu@Senate.Idaho.Gov

Heartbeat Bill

Representative Nichols and I are making good headway on the Heartbeat Bill. On Tuesday evening, the President shared a story of a premature baby girl of 21 weeks. She is now 2-years-old and was in the audience, at the State of the Union address. No one can tell me that she wasn’t considered a human being when she was born. Aborting a 21-week-old child happens more often than most want to think. A heartbeat is detected around 6-7 weeks of gestation.

I am absolutely against abortion. We think this legislation will save lives. Many states have already passed it. You may emailing State Affairs Committee Chairman Harris with your opinion at

Sex Offender Bill

My sex offender bill has been well received. Currently the law prohibits convicted sex offenders from living or being within 500 feet of a school. My bill would add licensed daycares to this prohibited act. Those living within 500 feet, when the law goes into effect, would be grandfathered in. Also, if an offender’s home is already established, then the offender would not have to move if a new daycare was established within the 500 feet. Offenders are still citizens and have rights, so making them move after their home as already established would be violating a basic right.

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