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Here we are again, trying to get rid of the unconstitutional gubernatorial ban on gatherings YET AGAIN....with HCR 5. House Concurrent Resolution 5 lifts the ban on gatherings of 50 people or more. I am really frustrated that we haven’t lifted this yet. I strongly believe most Idahoans are really frustrated and want Idaho to be opened up, especially those of us in District 32. Ask yourself if the main body of the legislature serves you or the executive branch. I serve you.

Lifting the ban on gatherings should have been done in the first week. Ending the emergency order should have been done during the first week! The Republicans who voted against HCR 5 are Representative Wood, Representative Manwaring, and Representative Gibbs. Please, contact legislators and tell them you that you demand that they lift the unconstitutional ban on gatherings and OPEN up Idaho! We need citizens to be concerned, involved, and loud.

Here are the links to find contact information for legislators. Please email House and Senate leadership, as well.



On Feb. 9, the legislature’s veterans attended the memorial for CW4 Jesse O. Anderson, CW3 George “Geoff” Laubhan, and CW3 Matthew D. Peltzer. It was a very well-done ceremony. These three soldiers died in a Blackhawk crash near Boise.

It was very sobering to hear when they called roll call. They called the unit’s roll call and they all sounded off, except for these three warrant officers. It got to me. God bless these soldiers’ families, friends, and soldiers they served with.

This week, I turned in executive order nullification bill. I mentioned this bill last week. This means the legislature would have the power to decide whether these executive orders are constitutional or not. If it were deemed unconstitutional, we would run a concurrent resolution not allowing it to be implemented into state agencies.

On Feb. 11, I turned in my welfare fraud bill. This bill transfers welfare fraud investigations to the Idaho State Police. I once worked for the state welfare fraud unit as an investigator. I have much evidence showing the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare downplays fraud in the state. When I worked for the fraud unit, I was told by a deputy director of IDHW that she didn’t care about welfare fraud because it still brings federal money into the state. This how she justified the theft of taxpayer dollars. ISP is not perfect, but we need to bring more integrity and accountability to our welfare system. After I left this unit, IDHW continued to tie investigators’ hands from doing their jobs. Last year, IDHW disbanded the fraud unit and told the investigators they could cover these duties with another unit within IDHW.

On Feb. 12, I introduced a bill in Transportation and Defense Committee. This bill gives active duty military service members, who are stationed out-of-state, a 50% discount on their Idaho vehicle registration. They will be allowed to access this discount for one vehicle per household. These military members can become inundated with out-of-state taxes and fees. This will help them a little.

Every year Blue Cross of Idaho gives us legislator money for schools, if we achieve (walk) so many steps a day. My first year in office, I gave it to Oneida County. The second year, I gave it to Franklin County. This year it will go to Bear Lake County. Next year it will go to Caribou County.

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