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I would like to thank Carol Parker, Lindsey Broadhead and all the volunteers that help get out the Meals on Wheels. I don’t think that we realize what goes into making sure that the meals get out on time. If it were not for the help of the volunteers it would be hard. Carol has worked at the Senior Center for a long time and has provided many items of food to the Citizens of Franklin County. We all know about her rolls and of course her famous Thanksgiving dinners. What we don’t know is what it takes to be able to do these things. The fund raisers are the way that they get the funds to purchase the items needed to provide the meals and all the extra things that she makes available.

On Monday, Wednesday and Fridays meals are served at the center and this also helps with the costs of purchasing the items needed to operate. If you take the paper you can see what is being served on the days they are opened. If you cannot afford the paper then you can call to see what is being served. I know that if the menu could be printed in the paper that everyone gets through the mail, that would help letting people know ahead of time so they could plan.

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