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Dear Readers,

I am writing in support for the re-election of Rep Chad Christensen for District 32. I serve with Chad in the Idaho House and have found him to be a very good freshman legislator. Freshmen usually come in thinking they know everything while not realizing how much they really need to learn and to understand to successfully represent their constituents. Chad has been always willing to listen and learn.

I worked closely with him on his idea to provide additional safety for students in schools. He knew that school boards have long had the ability to appoint citizens and staff to carry firearms in their schools. Unfortunately, few have taken advantage of that law. Instead, too many schools place “Gun Free Zone” signs out front which many of us feel are inappropriate for school safety in today’s society. Chad asked numerous legislators for advice on his original draft and reworked it. Utah has allowed teachers to carry in their schools for years without incident. Idaho should be doing the same. I advised Chad that any new firearms legislation usually takes a few years for people to get comfortable with so not to be discouraged if it doesn’t pass the first few times. It took us years to pass campus carry for colleges and the only problem has been one professor who shot himself playing with his gun in his pocket! Chad understood the challenges and even with the full support of the NRA, the Senate committee killed the bill by one vote. I feel certain Chad will soon be successful in passing this needed law.

Chad is also very supportive of natural resources and agriculture. He understands that all new wealth comes from the ground either by growing or extracting our plentiful natural resources. We have discussed bills affecting those industries as they come to the floor for a vote. Again, Chad is always willing to listen and learn.

Chad also understands that for small businesses to survive we need to lessen the hand of government with fewer rules and more common sense. He cares very deeply for the citizens of District 32 and is always striving to do the best for them.

I, and other legislators, hope the citizens of District 32 will return Chad Christensen to the Idaho House to continue our conservative work. Thank you.

Rep. Judy Boyle, District 9

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